ProCura Business Presentation.

ProCura is a Norwegian importer covering HoReCa and Monopoly.

HoReCa: Presently ProCura handles 350+ HoReCa businesses all over Norway. This is served by exhibiting at more than 50 domestic wine fairs yearly and continuous personal on-site visits. Unfortunately, because of the virus situation, none of these occur for the moment. The HoReCa market is not connected to the Monopoly, except that HoReCa may also buy products there.

Monopoly: The Norwegian Monopoly, Vinmonopolet, has 340+ stores and is the only company allowed to sell alcoholic drinks over 4,7% alcohol, by bottles, cans, or boxes, to the Norwegian consumers. The law forbids any marketing or advertising of alcoholic drinks towards the general public, except neutral product information. The Monopoly has a central product-planning unit. Twice a year they publish purchase plans, inviting importers to participate in around 80 tenders. Each tender contains an exact description of the product required. Based on these descriptions ProCura contacts suppliers to find matching products.

Products winning tenders will be physically present and available in most of the Monopoly stores. This is an extremely effective and low-cost way to introduce new wine, beer and spirit products to the Norwegian market.

The Monopoly does not have a central purchasing unit, so all orders and deliveries are performed by serving each Monopoly store individually. To do that in a professional manner, to provide excellent logistics, and to offer competitive pricing, ProCura is collaborating tightly with Vectura, who by far is Norway’s leading supplier of logistic, with a 60 % market share.

Thus, ProCura offers a competitive selling alternative for your products in Norway.

ProCura is owned by United Wine Group

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